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Safari Nursery Art Print or Vintage Nursery Prints- Which One’s Best for You

Choosing the perfect nursery art print can be a big deal because it sets the tone and the mood for the entire nursery. Ultimately, it all depends on your preferences, style, and the theme you want to create in the nursery. So, people always ask; ‘safari nursery art print or vintage nursery prints?’ Which one is the best? And here’s our answer: it all boils down to your preferred theme and a few other things. Here’s a breakdown of each option;

Safari Nursery Art Prints

Safari nursery art prints usually feature colorful and cute illustrations of safari animals like lions, zebras, giraffes, and elephants. The theme gives the nursery an adventurous and playful atmosphere while the colors – greens, yellows, and basically vibrant colors make it cheerful and lively.

Safari nursery art prints are also very child-friendly, and they can be used to introduce your young ones to a variety of animal species while fostering in them a love for wildlife. They are also very versatile and work well with diverse color schemes, so nursery animal prints will always be trendy.

Vintage Nursery Prints

Vintage nursery prints typically feature retro designs that trigger nostalgia and a sense of charm. They can include vintage toy illustrations, motifs, or classic storybook characters like fairies. If you want to create a nursery reminiscent of your childhood and add more sophisticated characters, then vintage nursery prints may be best for you.

Vintage nursery wall prints usually come in soft and muted colors, allowing the nursery to have a warm and cozy feel all through.

When choosing the best Etsy digital prints for your nursery, pay attention to the detail of each nursery digital print and pick the one that best resonates with your theme. And if you still can’t pick one, who says you can’t combine both themes? Consider mixing the elements of both themes and selecting nursery art prints that complement each other from both sides.

Check out our collection of cute and trendy digital nursery art prints and bring life to your nursery ideas. Whatever theme you’re going for, we’ve got something amazing for you.